Do u smoke after txt?

Today's Chicago Tribune reports how today's hip new interactive technologies – like text messaging and personal digital assistants – can help Americans better manage expensive chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes.

Read the Tribune article.

The Tribune reports how Australian teens are using text messages to help their peers stop smoking and how audio and video files loaded on MP3 players remind their users to take their asthma medications.

"Given the complex health problems that need to be treated today, incorporating technology into health-care delivery means we can treat people more effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively," said Nilmini Wickramasinghe, associate director of the Center for the Management of Medical Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

As TMA's Healthy Vision 2010 reports:

Texans are growing older, fatter, poorer, and less well-educated. Unless we act now, chronic diseases and our unhealthy lifestyles will continue to eat away at our bodies while our desperately underfunded physicians’ offices and hospitals crumble at our feet. The number of uninsured will continue to skyrocket, constantly robbing the system of its remaining vitality. The health plans will continue to bleed employers, employees, physicians, and hospitals to boost their profits. Taxpayers will decide they can’t afford another dime to care for Texans who are poor or old or have disabilities.

"That is not a healthy vision. That is a nightmare.

We all need to be creative in finding ways to stretch our health care dollar … and nothing stretches it further than prevention.

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