Healthy Vision Summit Approves 14 Recommendations on Wellness

In the afternoon session of Texas Medical Association’s Healthy Vision 2010 Health Care Summit II, participants addressed possible ways to reduce health care costs and improve the health of all Texans by promoting wellness programs.

Summiteers worked up 14 recommendations in answer to this question: “What is the case for wellness from both the employer and community perspective?” Based on the Summit groundrules, only those recommendations that received support of 60 percent or more of the participants will go on for further consideration at Summit III.

All 14 recommendations exceded the 60-percent threshold:



Focus on evidence-based school education, which advances wellness, physical activity, and nutrition. Reinforce this education through the PTA and the community. Identify ongoing incentives for wellness in the community.


State should provide information about well organized, effective wellness programs and lead by placing all state employees in a wellness program. This program should be flexible fro special medical needs employees. Additionally the state should disseminate information on ROI and best practices to employers and community leaders.


State needs to play multiple roles: Role model as an employer of individuals in state implemented wellness programs; for state government employees, school employees, health care employees and health insurance industry.


State needs to play multiple roles: Incentivize via premium adjustments in taxes, insurance.


The state should publish information and make resources available to employers and health plans about health risk assessment tools that promote employee health, wellness and disease prevention – such information and resources should include:
 1. a listing of assessment tool best practices,
 2. financial benefits for employers of offering such assessments, and
 3. making related educational resources available to employers and employees.


Via legislation ban tobacco use in all public places.


Through government entities at all levels, in collaboration with private entities, launch community-based educational programs on health, nutrition, and fitness.


State need to play multiple roles: Educator for businesses about positive ROI on wellness programs.


Remove current restrictions to allow state flexibility in premium adjustments to encourage healthy behavior and disincent unhealthy behavior. Start program with state employees to measure and publicize ROI on wellness programs.


Require education on smoking, improved nutrition, and increased physical activity by:
 – Strengthening health education requirements in schools;
 – Requiring school-year-round physical education in all grades, K-12; and
 – Requiring classes for adults as condition of enrollment in community health care programs FQHCs).


State needs to play multiple roles: Facilitator of program adoption by partnering with private companies that have established programs to offer a) technical assistance b) best practices guidance c) provide templates for rudimentary programs.


Integrate through TEA) health education into everyday curriculum – reading/math/ geography, etc… Have there be incentives for schools to do this.


Geomapping of ZIP codes and areas of concern and then targeting those areas for intervention and why those particular populations are having those issues.


State-defined wellness program with point values defined for each element of the program. State will offer incentives and disincentives for private employers to comply with the program. State and local governments and schools MUST participate in the program.


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