Summit III Passes Bill to Reduce the Number of Uninsured

Participants in Texas Medical Association’s Healthy Vision 2010 Health Care Summit III, which included representatives of medicine, business, insurance, hospitals and other health care providers, and government approved a package of uninsurance recommendations for the 2007 Texas Legislature to consider.

Here is the text of “Summit Bill 2″ as finally passed by a committee chaired by State Rep. Carlos Uresti(D-San Antonio):

To facilitate public-private partnerships to help small employers provide health coverage for their workers, the State of Texas should:

SECTION I Establish a public/private partnership including business organizations, physicians and other health care organizations, and appropriate state and local agencies to educate businesses on the need to provide health insurance for employees. Provide additional tax incentives, which may include tax credits, for businesses to offer health insurance benefits to employees, if those benefits include wellness programs and preventive services.

SECTION II Convene stakeholders (business community, physicians, academic centers, other health care providers, insurance companies, hospitals, consumers) to define a basic essential benefit package and make recommendations for the development of insurance products that include such covered benefits. The package should:

  • Be feasible and affordable;
  • Not be constrained by current state-mandated benefits;
  • Include evidence-based benefits;
  • Support public health needs; and
  • Promote the establishment of a medical home.

SECTION III Maximize federal match available for Medicaid/CHIP to capture dollars currently left on the table and remove any unnecessary administrative barriers for obtaining those dollars. Some of the captured funds would be used to incentivize small businesses to offer “Three-Share” type programs to their employees.

SECTION IV Expand recent legislation allowing governmental agencies to give bid points/preferences to employers who provide some type of health insurance to their employees. These preferences would be expanded to include to all forms of government statewide.

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